Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Syrian Conflict in a Nutshell

After doing a lot of research and having multiple discussions with multiple people over the possibility of the United States enforcing military action in Syria, I found that a lot of individuals had mixed feelings and either knew about as much as I do or simply knew what the media had told them. If you support action in Syria, even in the slightest bit, or if you have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on, I suggest you read this entire post, sit back and really think about the seriousness of this possible life altering (or even life ending) event. You may have found yourself here on accident through another page or a mistype while searching for something else; you may not give a shit about politics or wars over seas, and think "Well that is happening over there, and I am here, how does it effect me?".  There are a few points you must understand that I can not emphasize enough: Our government is lying to the public (you!) about our reasons for military action in Syria, nothing will be solved as far as the current conflict between the Syrian Rebels and the Syrian Government if we do enforce military action, and the consequences of the United States getting involved in this conflict could be catastrophic on a global scale.

I will start with a background on what is currently going on in Syria, and what events triggered the United States to consider involvement. In order to understand the motives of the US, you must first take a look at Iran. The United States has been attempting to take over control in Iran for 60+ years. In 1953 the CIA and MI6 organized a coup to topple the democratically elected prime minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh. They then helped the Shah, a brutal dictator, come into power and double as a puppet for the US and UK until his overthrow during the Iranian Revolution in 1979. The US has attempted to regain control of the country through a figurehead since, using Saddam Hussein in Iraq against the Iranians, even though the US knew that Iraq was using chemical weapons against Iran (CIA declassified documents from Nov. 4, 1983 and Feb. 24, 1984). What does this have to do with Syria? Well, Syria and Iran have a standing agreement, so by attacking Syria, the US would ultimately get the chance to attack Iran as well since Iran would be backing Syria.

Flash forward to the present and the current conflict within Syria, and how the US government and mainstream media are outright lying to the American public. Basically, on August 21 of 2013 a chemical attack was launched in Syria, killing around 1400+ people so far. Currently there are two forces fighting each other in a Syrian civil war: The Syrian Government (henceforth referred to as Assad) and the Syrian Rebels. The Syrian Rebels have members from and ties to Al Qaeda, and Assad has members from and ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the US as well as BBC, the chemical attack was launched by Assad against the rebels and as a result over a thousand innocents were killed. This is false. There is overwhelming proof, including videos, captured evidence, and admittance from the rebels that it was in fact the Syrian Rebels who committed this attack using chemical weapons. Assad forces reported finding chemical weapons in Syrian Rebel tunnels BEFORE the attack was made. A Syrian Rebel base of operations in Turkey was found by Turkey officials to contain chemical weapons. There is video footage of the Syrian Rebels setting up the chemical weapons, and they have also admitted to foreign news outlets that they were the ones who used the weapons. Why would the Obama administration back the Rebels and claim that Assad used the weapons; rebels with ties to Al Qaeda, America's public enemy #1 since 9/11? Simple: claim it was Assad (the Syrian government), lie to the American people to get them on board and in support of going to war to fight crimes against humanity, attack the Syrian government which will cause Iran to get involved and give us an excuse to then attack Iran. If you are shouting "Conspiracy Theorist!", refer to my previous post. This is not me grasping or making connections that aren't there, this is not guesswork or speculation, it is fact and motive based on evidence and our past track record.

How does this effect you? Well, for starters it could and most likely will trigger WWIII, only this time it won't be fought on foreign soil with little to no damage done to American citizens living within US borders. Russia and China have made it clear they intend to back Syria if the US gets involved, and Russia has stated that US involvement will receive military backlash from Russia, and could result in thermonuclear war. Let that sink in. Nuclear bombs being fired from 2 other global super powers and falling on US soil. Can you imagine what the will not only do to the areas effected, but the impact that will have on the US as a nation, our economy, the global economy, the environment, etc.? Heres some more food for thought: during an interview with PBS, Obama blatantly stated that US involvement in Syria will not solve or even help the conflict between Assad and the Rebels. When asked what he then hoped to accomplish, he stated that he simply wanted to send a clear message stating that it is not okay to use chemical weapons. Yup! Your hard earned tax dollars at work, allowing the US to play World Police. "Sorry guys, we know you are a sovereign nation and we have no jurisdiction, we know you pose no threat to our citizen's safety and we know that your civil war does not involve us; however, you did something we disagree with, even though we supported a dictator who did the same thing (but in our favor) 30 years ago, so we are going to come fuck your world up as punishment. Don't do that again."

Congress comes back from recess in a few days and will come to a decision. Only 9-11% of the population in the US support military action in Syria. Usually I would say anti-war protests are for dirty hippies; in this case, I say protest your fucking hearts out and write your congressmen and women or we may be living in a very different world a year from now, if we are alive at all.

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